While working for Harry Heissman We worked on this great antique bed.
The smurf chess set and accessories are part of his collection of snails and vintage toys!
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This was a room I Designed with harry Heissmann Himself
Use us for all your decorating ideas above is a sample of how we can re-design your home and fill it with custom pillows and art.
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In the past we have also done murals
and different wall finishes. To the right is a decoupage bathroom wall that we do.  

If you Need redecorating we would be more than happy to take on your next project

David Cappella Cultural Designs. Copyright LLC
      When a professional artist teams up with clients to create custom finishes the result is style, elegance and value to a home. I quickly made my mark in my friends homes by picking out furniture and paint colors. Specializing in Painting, my design choices truly distinguished themselves from others. I interned Jono Productions. I am presently studying textile and surface design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
      Knowing how and where to situate the colors within a room is my philosophy of design. My talents include being able to design an entire space around a focal piece of fine art, whether its in a bed room, dinning room, or any living space. When inspired by a specific painting I can create the environment the client finds appealing, or just leave it up to me. We have busy lives and feng shui and style are what we create!
         In our very busy world its important that your home reflects what makes you happy and comfortable. Functionality and design are essential to creating a well designed room. Having a one of a kind painting from floor to celling, constructed to custom fit your living space is unique and dynamic. By painting art finishes directly on the wall creates a desired focal point. I can use a variety of materials such tissue paper or house paint to obtain my abstract compositions. The above techniques create truly chic living.
          Throughout history paintings have always signified style, wealth and knowledge. Let my visions create the home styling that suits you. I can recreate a space with my artistic eye. Enjoy my online portfolio. My goal is to make a space as interesting as possible, using color line and shape.

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David Cappella
Take classic pieces and mix them with modern finds to update any room